Flights, hotels/hostels, food, drinks, shopping…. These are all part of a holiday but can equally dent your wallet. So, we've dug out the globe for cheapest travel destinations that offer great value as soon as you land. Here are our list of some of the most “value for money” holiday destinations:

Cambodia – A beautiful country in south-east Asia. It may seem that the travel pricing has increased over the years but it is inevitable as the tourism in Cambodia continues to rise. Despite the marginal increase in costs, this is still, absolutely, a budget destination.

Vietnam – You may have heard that traveling in Vietnam can be quite cheap. You may have heard that the country can be seen for around £20 per day. You may have even heard you can eat, sleep, and explore it quite well on a very limited budget. Whatever you’ve heard – You’re right! You can see, travel, eat, sleep and explore as Vietnam is very pocket-friendly.

Krakow, Poland – Cathedrals, Castles, Scenery and Copernicus – Poland's second city presents a beautiful mix of grand culture, vistas and history. All of this at a very reasonable cost.

Greece - Due to the country's ongoing economic difficulties, the cost of holidaying in Greece is lower than it used to be. If anything the situation is all the more reason to travel here and support the local people. The famous Greek islands like Santorini or Mykonos are still quite expensive but you can still get that 28 degrees “Greek” feeling by picking quieter destinations like Paros or Skiathos.

Uruguay – South America is beautiful - If you already been to Brazil and Argentina, you should head to the neighbouring Uruguay – excellent steak, lovely beaches, great weather, abundant wildlife and the gorgeous old capital of Montevideo.

Cuba – This place hardly needs an introduction. Head there now before the prices start to go up. Salsa clubs, Carnivals, warm Caribbean water – whatever you do here, you’ll always want to go back.

Prague, Czech Republic – Prague remains one of Europe’s cheapest capital cities to visit. You’ll be amazed at how cheap you can get food and drinks for. The city is full of history and is perfect for leisurely explorations by foot.

Portugal – The home of Cristiano Ronaldo – If you’re looking for beaches, sunshine, seafood, and beautiful scenery, all on a budget, then you should dead to Portugal.

Bulgaria – The black sea resorts have experienced a big boom in the recent years with an influx of British tourists due to the low costs. Often overlooked as a holiday destination, Bulgaria has a lot to offer. From city breaks in the capital city of Sofia to deserted beaches and mountain ranges, Bulgaria, often overlooked as a holiday destination, has a lot to offer.

Cyprus – Whether you’re looking for a family holiday or for a lively after-dark atmosphere, Cyprus can offer you both. Great weather, beaches, scenery, food and people – a perfect concoction for a memorable holiday.