Do you keep track of your bills? Do you go through your bank statements regularly? Do you view your direct debits regularly? … No?
Do you find yourself short of money often? ... Yes?

This post includes some ready to use tips and tricks to start saving money.

- Keep a “large expenses” list – Emergencies and unexpected bills can creep up on even the best budgeters, but there are larger expenses that you can forecast (Your car’s MOT, Christmas shopping, holidays etc.) By estimating the cost of such expenses, you can begin to set aside money for them. 

- Cut down grocery wastage – Have you ever bought things from the Supermarket thinking you will consume them and often see them sitting in the fridge for days after their expiry date? We have all done it at some point in our lives. Plan your meals before you go shopping.

- Buy in bulk – Try to shop with your family/friends when you can. You can take advantage of offers and qualify for discounts when buying in bulk. For example, Buy 1 get one free, Buy 4 for the price of 2, 30% when you spend £80 or more etc.

- Have a Piggy bank – every little DOES help. Have loose change at the end of the day? Put it in your piggy bank. The loose change will soon add up.

- Take your own lunch to work – It is very easy to spend between £3 and £5 on lunch every day (£15-£25 every week). You can get more than 5 meals in the same amount if you take your packed lunch to work.

- Cut down unnecessary expenditure – Do you find yourself buying coffee and a snack every morning? Or mid-morning snacks for those 11 am hunger pangs? This is where you can further cut down your expenses. Make your own coffee and instead of buying snacks every morning, just buy bigger packs when doing your weekly shopping.

- Review direct debits – Go through your direct debits and cancel the ones which aren’t necessary. Paying for a membership when you hardly ever attend? Cancel it.

- Haggle for broadband, Insurance and phone deals – A lot of us don’t realise that as consumers, we have the power to negotiate several deals. Service providers don’t want to you lose you as their customer and will generally lower the price if you ask for it politely but firmly.

- Holidays – Don’t go for holidays in peak months as you’ll be paying a substantially higher amount. Try to book an off season holiday if you’re trying to save money.

These tips will see you cut out all unnecessary expenditure and help you save money. Despite trying these methods, if you ever find yourself with an unexpected bill or an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact IN-SYNC Credit Services – We may be able to offer you a short term loan.