In this post, we’ll give you some tried and tested bargaining tips. Please remember that the success of these vary according to the situation and the kind of seller.


- If looking for a bargain, go slightly earlier than the closing time of the market. Slight gamble here because a lot of things will be gone but you are very likely to get money off as the traders try to clear their stock towards the end of the day.

- If you buy in bigger quantities you will have more power to bring the prices down. Ask your friends to go shopping with you. If you buy together then you have chances of negotiating the price.

- Retail staff often say that they aren’t allowed to give discounts but if you ask them politely (but firmly), they will usually throw in something free on top (usually an add-on).

- You can get further discounts towards the end of a sale as shops are trying to clear their shelves and make way for new stock.

- Silence is key – Staying silent when buying is a good way to get the retailers to bring the price down. They’ll try to fill in the awkward silence with a lower price.

- Look out for the tiniest of dents or scratches in appliances or marks in clothing – retailers will usually lower the price for the tiniest faults in their product.

- You’ll have more chances of bringing the price down if you shop at slower times of the year – For example, buying winter items in the summer and vice versa.

- Pick quiet times to haggle – Don’t expect to haggle if a shop is full of customers. The sellers won’t mind losing a customer if there are plenty others they can sell to. Midweek mornings or mid-mornings are slightly quieter and you may have a better chance of negotiating.

- Use comparison websites to see the cheapest online deals. You can use these prices and ask others to match or beat them.

- Don’t be afraid to walk away when negotiating but you need to time this perfectly. Don’t do it too early or too late – do it when you’re nearly ready to buy and most sellers will rather lose a few pounds than lose the entire sale.

- Keep a poker face when negotiating – don’t get too excited and show how much you love the product or how desperately you need it. Let them know that you’re seriously interested in buying but at the right price.


The next time you go shopping, you can try the above steps – let us know how you got on.