How It Works

See below to see how our CIS Backed Advance works.


The CIS Backed Advance (CBA) from IN-SYNC Credit Services enables you to access your tax rebate early by having an advance on your expected CIS rebate. If you have been working as Self-Employed and are CIS registered you could receive in excess of £500 today. To apply for a cash advance from IN-SYNC you must be over 18 years of age, a UK resident and have an active UK bank account.

  • Click 'Apply Now' and fill in the application form or apply by phone on 01252 702270
  • IN-SYNC will contact you to approve your CIS Backed Advance
  • You will be required to supply IN-SYNC with full income and expenses data
  • We will send you all the relevant documents by email for you to review and complete


We will let you know the size of the advance you are entitled to using the income and expenses information you have supplied.

Also if you provide us with your updated earnings and expense information throughout the year, you could actually claim your CIS rebate in advance up to three times a year.


After we let you know the size of your advance you will be entitled to, you can decide whether to:

  • Take the advance
  • Not take the advance, but keep in mind that it is available at a moment’s notice should you ever require it
  • We pay all our clients advances and receive the money back from HMRC when they finally release your tax rebate, this can take a number of weeks however

Complete the contact form and we will call you, or alternatively call us on 01252 702270 to speak with one of our sales agents.

Remember we are always here to help so if you have any questions, visit our FAQ’s guide or call 01252 702270.