Our CIS Backed Advance (CBA) product enables you to claim your CIS rebate in advance

The CIS Backed Advance (CBA) from IN-SYNC Credit Services is a service which enables you to access your tax rebate early by having an advance on your expected CIS rebate. There is now no need to wait.

As the tax year runs a year behind the financial year, it means you normally have to wait for the current tax year to end in April to claim back any overpaid tax.

The CBA is available for most of the tax year. Up to £250 will be available during July through to September; at this point your advance payment can be increased to £500.

During the last four months of the tax year, IN -SYNC can facilitate an advance of up to 60% of the estimated rebate. All we require is updated income information prior to each advance for the rebate estimation and approval process to be completed.

How it Works

Simply provide us with your income information and we will let you know the size of the advance you are entitled to. At that point you can decide to:

  • Take your advance
  • Not take the advance, but keep in mind that it is available at a moment’s notice should you ever require it

If you provide us with your updated earnings and expense claim information throughout the year you could claim your CIS rebate in advance up to three times annually.

There is no requirement for you to pay the advance back to IN-SYNC as we recover the money back from HMRC in your self-assessment rebate (subject to rebate becoming available at the end of the tax year). Providing you are honest in the information you give to us and comply with our T&C’s, your advance payment will be completely secure.

You will need to sign an agreement with IN-SYNC Tax LLP so they can manage and submit your CIS return to HMRC. You will need to provide full income details for IN-SYNC to estimate and approve the advance.

As an ethical and responsible provider we want to ensure that you are clear about how much your advance payment will cost. Our CBA has a variable fee.


  • Maximised profitability
  • Backdated rebates
  • Advance payments
  • Fully managed service
  • Enhanced employment status
  • No up-front fees